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Each company is created by people who are its greatest asset. Therefore, regardless of the stage in which a company is located, it is necessary to continuous development through training.

We run training courses on:
point customer service
point personnel management,
management of the company,
marketing and public relations,
point business talks,
point occupational health and safety.

Nearby safety training for employers and employees in charge - 17 March 2015.
Price: 250 zł

Course for drivers of forklift

The training program includes:
- Discussion of the types of forklift trucks and their construction,
- Activities related to the operation of forklift trucks before and after work,
- Activities supporting the forklift at work,
- Knowledge of safety and Cargo,
- Practical learning curve and maneuvering a forklift,
- Secure exchange of gas cylinder.

The condition of the course is:
- The age of majority (18 years old),
- No medical contraindications to practice as a forklift driver certified by a doctor.

Najbliższy planned course: from 4 May 2015.
(For groups dates to be determined)

Price: 300 zł

Contact: szkolenia@antidotumgroup.com